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Having a hell of a time finding that unique gift?  Well, you can't get better than this.  Become "Mayor of Hell, Michigan' for a day!  

The honorary mayor will receive…


·A key to the town of Hell.


·An official badge with their name on it.


·Ownership of one square inch of Hell (including a deed, vial of dirt and official landowner card).


·A set of devil horns to wear for the day.


·A proclamation naming the recipient as Hell’s mayor for that particular day.


·An “Official Mayor of Hell” T-shirt with “Impeached” stamped across the back.


·A document confirming the impeachment.





$100.00 - Mayor for a Day 




Call: (734) 878-2233


E-Mail: saleshellmichigan@gmail.com


Please be able to give this infomation in your call or e-mail:


· Who are you nominating for Mayor of the Day?


· What date would you like them to be honored? 


· What size T shirt does the Mayor wear?


· What name would you like printed on all legal documents?


· Telephone number where the Mayor can be reached on their special day. 


We will contact you to confirm your requested date!!!


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